Course catalogue

Master programme overview

The programme of SISE track has four semesters over two years. All semesters are spent normally at University Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne in France but a mobility  is possible for a semester, a year or an internship.

Course catalogue

Each of the semesters contain 30 credits (European Credit Transfer System). The students are also allowed to specialize through elective courses. In the second semester an internship of three months (10 ECTS) is carried out. The last semester is dedicated to a master thesis.

    5 General knowledge and professional preparation

    3 English, or for the International M.S. French as a foreign language
    1 Introduction to Labview
    1 Introduction to Matlab

    7 Interaction of radiation with matter

    4 From the atomic structure to the dielectric function
    3 Photon-atome coupling

    5 Optical design

    4 Optical design
    1 Introduction to Zemax

    5 Fourier Optics

    3 Introduction to Fourier optics
    2 Physical optics

    5 Optics in condensed phase

    2 Non linear optics
    3 Optics of anisotropic media

    3 Radiometry & Colorimetry

    1 Introduction to radiometry
    2 Colorimetry

    5 General knowledge and professional preparation

    2 English, or for the International M.S. French as a foreign language
    1 Professional preparation
    2 Computer Science

    6 Laser & Laser-matter interaction

    4 Laser physics
    2 Collective behavior of matter under electromagnetic radiation

    5 Guided optics & Thin films

    3 Introduction to guided optics
    2 Thin films

    4 Radiometry of optical systems

    10 Internship

    Three months minimum

    5 General knowledge and professional preparation

    3 English and TOEIC certification, or for the International M.S. French as a foreign language
    2 Professional preparation

    4 Surfaces & interfaces

    2 What do you mean by surface?
    2 Non-optical properties of structured surfaces

    5 Characterization of surfaces

    3 Optical and near-field characterization techniques
    2 Surface and interface analysis

    4 Surface Structuring

    2 Laser processes for material structuring
    2 Micro-nano-structuring of surfaces

    5 Electromagnetic modeling & plasmonic

    3 Electromagnetic modeling of micro-nano-structured surfaces
    2 Nanoplasmonics

    4 Color and Multi-spectral Imaging in Computer Vision

    3 Material appearance

    1 Light scattering for material appearance
    2 Appearance metrology and perception

    3 Optional group of lectures to replace the project of the fourth semester

    Choice A:

    3 Physics of LED and Solar cells

    Choice B:

    2 Photovoltaic: use and technologies
    1 Lighting design

    Choice C:

    1 Color reproduction
    1 Security printing project
    1 Visual Cryptography

    27 Internship

    Five months minimum, either in a university laboratory or in a company, in France or in any other country

    3 Project

    The tutored project aims to deepening a cours of the third semester. At the project end, students write a report and present their work. The project is realized at the third semester.